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Friday, March 14, 2014

Matching Dress for our Girls

The first pillow dress for my girls.  I was looking at the pinterest and found this kind of design but different color. This gray and pink is just beautiful for my girls.  My step-daughter was so happy when i gave this dress to her. Now just need to find someone to monogram the dresses and we will be set. Love my girls.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Music is very relaxing and comforting

But not all though, because there are some that are just too loud and it makes you feel soo stressful. Around here in our area a lot of kids really do play good music especially during the Talent Show at school. And i know what kind of amps they are using but i am just guessing it might be the Marshall Amps. Well i really have not had a chance to get a close loot at it. But it sure sound very nice and i can understand the music a lot better. Real musicians invest on things that are worth it keeping, and even though sometimes it's a second hand but still you know if it works like a pro then go for it right. Anyway, i am so looking forward for more music this year.

Another Blanket To Finish

Above is a nice cozy blanket i am making for my baby girl.  Since i finished the blanket i made for her little sister, i decided to start another project as the winter is approaching already.  I let her picked the yarn color that way it's what she wants and of course she also pick the cozy one because she likes how it feels.  I need about 10 more yarn and i will have this blanket finished with no time.  My husband told me that i crochet really fast, he is very surprised on how I'm doing it.  I have another project after this, and then more to make.  Yes i never knew crochet is addicting hahahhaha. 

Beautiful Swing Set

If you are planning on adding some swing set at your backyard you might want to visit this web site that i found. They have swing sets raleigh nc and in Richmond VA. They also serve Greensboro, Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia & surrounding areas. They are certified professional to design a unique playset for your children's adventures. Looking at their swing pictures it made me think how i wish they are near to us. It'd be nice to have this kind a set of swing in our back yard. To see the images of the swing set, feel free to click the link i have added above.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yarn For My Baby Blanket Project

I have been wanting to make blankets for my two baby girl.  But can't decide what color should I use to each girls.  I am thinking on using pink and pastel blue to the other one.  Anyway, this is one thing that i need to remember the next time i go to the craft store, that way i can start making it and finished both of them before i gave birth.  I have 4 months to finish the project so will see if i can do it or not.  Ever since i knew how to make crochet I have been making different things that we can use such as the scarf, and few headbands for me and my step-daughter.  

I never knew that doing crochet is a lot of fun, I am very proud of myself for trying my very best to learn it.  My husband was very surprised how i learned it that quick.  I love crafting and learning new things is what i love to do. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Can't make up my mind

I have been debating either i should do more scarf first or just go ahead and start my blanket? Well i just can't come up with any decision yet. I guess it's because i enjoy doing both of them hahahhahahha.  Learning all this new things to do is very exciting, and it's perfect when i don't have much things to do here in the house.  It helps me to avoid being bored i guess, my husband is just very proud on everything that i have learned and that means so much to me. Anyway, question for today Does the battle sport a such contour?

5 more scarf to go

I have 5 more scarf to go before i can start making two blankets, one for my step-daughter and then for my our new addition baby girl.  It's very exciting knowing that you are making something for both of my baby girl.  I just need to get the right yard for the blanket that way it's cozy and they will enjoy using it.  Since i learned how to do crochet i just been addicted to it.  I didn't know it's a lot of fun, and now i think my next thing is going to be the knitting.  

Me and my step-daughter love doing craft and i we have been doing some as we found new things that we like.  I told everyone that i will making scarf for them to stay warm for the winter and i hope that i will be able to finish it, that if my laziness doesn't strike hahahhaha.  Well i have those days where i just don't like doing anything at all.  I think we all deserved those kind of days right. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yoga Mats

I told my husband after i give birth to our baby girl i am going to start working out and i want to try the Yoga. I know i can find the best thick yoga mats online, or by going to the store. There yoga mats that is extra thick, as what i read yoga mat is one of the thickest sticky mats on the market. My friend told me that yoga is very relaxing, so i am thinking on doing it after i give birth to stay active... anyway, enjoy the rest of the night everyone and you all sleep well.

Addicted on youtube

Lately i have been watching a lot of youtube, that because i have learned so much just by watching the video.  I even learned how to cook Korean food, and of course different crafting.  I think watching other people cook is amazing, following other people recipe is a lot of fun, some do need some changes but not all of it.  I have been lucky that most of the recipes i have been cooking has been dead on...  It's like my everyday thing lol.... my husband just thank me though for cooking different meal each time.  He said at least i won't be eating the same thing over and over again hahahahhaha.  Well i can cook different meal but exploring my cooking talent is definitely a lot of fun. 

I doubt it will look good in our dinning room

if i buy table skirt... it will probably look funny. There is a table skirting from premiertablelinens and it seems to look very nice. This company i found carries a large assortments of table skirts for every budget and occasions. It comes with different sizes, and i am sure you can get it with different color as well. Definitely a place to get all the supply that you need for a wedding or any occasions. That's all for now and you all enjoy the night.